Basic Steps in Sailing a Boat

Sailing is one of the most exciting sports. Do you lack skills on how to sail a boat? Are you longing to learn and practice them? Below are the necessary steps to follow and learn how to be a boat sailor.


• Know and understand the different parts.


It is important that you first learn about the basic parts of a boat and the function of each component. This will help your safety and enable you to sail more efficiently. Examples of different essential parts of a boat include:

• Boom-the horizontal pole which extends to the mast

• Mast-the tall pole-like object

• Bow-front of the boat

• The port-left side of the boat while facing the bow

• The starboard-right side of the boat while facing the bow


• Discover different types and sizes of sailboats.


Sailboats differ from simpler to more complex ones. For a beginner, it is easier to learn sailing on a boat less than 25 feet long so that you are able to feel the effects of adjustments made to your course or sails. It will also help you understand how and why something happened. A small boat is also responsive and easier to maneuver.


• Understand the basic sailing terms.


Sailors have their own language. There are common terms sailors use at sea such as port, starboard, leeward, windward, tacking, luffing, jibing among many more. Get to understand what such terms mean, how and when they are used. For example, Starboard is used to refer to anything on the right side of the boat, while the port is used for anything on the left side.


• Be acquainted with the basic sailing rules and instructions


For safety purposes, there are certain basic rules and instructions that you should always consider. An example is making your people aware that you are going to sail, carrying with you a floatation tool and ensuring in advance that you are able to swim.


• Choose calm and uncrowded waters.


It is essential not to practice your first sail in a windy water body with high traffic congestion. This will provide you with sufficient space and bearable weather to practice and gain confidence in your sailing skills.


• Do proper safety preparations.


Wear proper sailing clothes. Carry some first aid tools. Dress in layers to combat the cooler temperature in the waters. Put on non-slip and closed shoes. If you have long hair, tie them up. Put on a life jacket at all time while sailing.


• Determine the direction of the wind


Before letting your boat into the water, know where the wind is blowing to. This helps minimize wind resistance when raising the sail with the sail straight back.

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• Practice on avoiding the boom


Most of the sailing injuries occur as a result of being unaware of when the boom is about to swing. The swing usually occurs during a tack or a jibe. Sailing can be fun if done right, however, like walking, it can only be mastered by doing. The steps outlined here are only to help you start out. However, how far you get with it depends on your willingness to learn and push yourself.

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